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  Albrecht, Thomas and Lüddecke, Katrin and Zimmermann, Jörg (2013) A Precise and Reliable Train Positioning System and its Use for Automation of Train Operation. Volltext nicht online.

  Asai, Keisuke and Beck, Walter and Egami, Yasuhiro and Engler, Rolf H. and Henne, Ulrich and Klein, Christian and Koop, Lars and Lang, Waldemar and Ondrus, Vladimir and Le Sant, Yves and Mebarki, Youssef and Merienne, Marie-Claire and Risius, Steffen and Sachs, Werner and Davies, Alan and Micknaus, Ilka and Yorita, Daisuke and Rosenstock, Catrin (2013) Application of Pressure Sensitive Paint -Theory and Practice- Course Notes. Course Notes, Ordner. Volltext nicht online.


  Beeh, Elmar and Kriescher, Michael and Deißer, Oliver and Kopp, Gundolf and Friedrich, Horst E. (2013) Crashsicherheitspotentiale durch leichte, funktionsintegrierte Fahrzeugstrukturen. ATZ live. Springer Vieweg | Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH. file

  Belabbas, Boubeker and Grosch, Anja and Heirich, Oliver and Lehner, Andreas and Strang, Thomas (2013) Curvature Classification for Trains using Along-Track and Cross-Track Accelerometer and a Heading Rate Gyroscope. file

  Berbineau, Marion and Jonsson, Magnus and Bonnin, Jean-Marie and Cherkaoui, Soumaya and Aguado, Marina and Rico-Garcia, Cristina and Ghannoum, Hassan and Mehmood, Rashid and Vinel, Alexey (2013) Communication Technologies for Vehicles. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, LNCS 7865. Springer Berlin Heidelberg. ISBN 978-3-642-37973-4. ISSN 0302-9743. Volltext nicht online.

  Berster, Peter (2013) Low Cost-Carrier in Deutschland, Europa und weltweit. ISBN 978-3-931385-22-4. Volltext nicht online.

  Boden, Fritz and Ludwikowski, K. and Stasicki, Boleslaw (2013) Fast rotating imaging system for in-flight measurements of the aircraft propeller deformation. Proceedings of the 30th International Congress on High-Speed Imaging and Photonics (ICHSIP30). Scientic Committee of the 30th International Congress on High-Speed, Imaging and Photonics c/o University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 1 Jan Smuts Avenue, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa. ISBN 978-0-620-56214-0 (CD). Volltext nicht online.

  Braun, Reinhold and Kelm, Klemens and Ehiasarian, Arutiun P. and Hovsepian, Papken Eh. (2013) Oxidation protection of gamma TiAl alloys by intermetallic Ti-Al-Cr-Zr coatings. Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, 1516. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-1-60511-493-4. Volltext nicht online.

  Burkhardt, Ulrike (2013) Extending a PDF cloud scheme in order to accomodate cirrus physics. ECMWF Proceedings. Volltext nicht online.


  Carotenuto, Luigi and Willnecker, Rainer and Hambloch, Patrick and Barde, Sebastien and Belbis, Olivier and Malapert, Jean-Christophe (2013) A Data e-Infrastructure for the International Space Station. PV 2013 Proceedings, D500.2 (Annex9). file


  Doehler, Hans-Ullrich and Schmerwitz, Sven and Lueken, Thomas (2013) Visual-conformal display format for helicopter guidance. SPIE. Volltext nicht online.


  Ehrler, Verena and Seidel, Saskia (2013) A Standardisation of the Calculation of CO2(e) Emissions Along Supply Chains - Challenges and Requirements Beyond EN 16258. Information Technology in Environmental Engineering. Springer Berlin Verlag. ISBN 978-3-642-36010-7. Volltext nicht frei. file

  Engler, Evelin and Ziebold, Ralf and Noack, Thoralf (2013) Maritimes PNT-System: Ansätze für ein koordiniertes Integritätsmonitoring und -management. Volltext nicht frei. file


  Gago, Aldo and Ansar, Asif and Wagner, Norbert and Arnold, Johannes and Friedrich, K. Andreas (2013) Titanium coatings deposited by thermal spraying for bipolar plates of PEM electrolysers. Chapter 06 - session A07. 4th European PEFC and H2 Forum 2 - 5 July 2013, Lucerne Switzerland. file


  Jansen, Frank and Braxmaier, Claus and Kersten, Holger and Trottenberg, Thomas and Brandt, Tim and Johann, Ulrich (2013) Triebwerksentwicklungen und ihre Anwendungen für künftige Satelliten: von nuklearen über disruptiven Antrieben zu Micro-Newton HEMPT. file


  Kokavecz, Judith and Spehr, Carsten (2013) Concept for measuring aeroacoustic noise transmission in trains derived from experience gained in aircraft testing. Proceedings, 1 (P_023). Volltext nicht online.

  Konstantinov, Mikhail and Lautenschlager, Waldemar and Wagner, Claus (2013) Numerical Simulation of Thermal Comfort in Aircraft Cabins. Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Aircraft System Technololgies. Shaker Verlag Aachen. ISBN 978-3-8440-1850-9. ISSN 0945-2214. Volltext nicht frei. file

  Köster, Frank and Plättner, Jens and Richter, Andreas and Schnieder, Lars and Fischer, Martin and Schindler, Julian and Baumann, Martin and Jaschke, Klaus (2013) Rahmenbedingungen für den rationalen Einsatz von Fahrsimulatoren zur Entwicklung fortschrittlicher Assistenz- und Automatisierungssysteme. ISBN 978-3-937655-29-1. Volltext nicht online.


  Laan, Erik and Esposito, Marco and Monna, Bert and Conticello, Simon and Stelwagen, Frank and Theil, Stephan and Steffes, Stephen and Dumke, Michael and Heise, David and Sagliano, Marco and Oosterling, Han and Nijkerk, David and Duivenvoorde, Tom and Berkhout, Joris and Yanson, Yuriy and Schulte, Jan and Skaborn, Daniel and Durkut, Murat (2013) SINPLEX: A SMALL INTEGRATED NAVIGATION SYSTEM FOR PLANETARY EXPLORATION. file

  Luchitskaya, E and Deliere, Q and Diedrich, A and Pattyn, N and Almorad, A and Beck, L. and Gauger, Peter and Limper, Ulrich and Funtova, I and Baevsky, R.M. and Migeotte, P-F. and Tank, Jens (2013) Timing and source of the maximum of the transthoracic impedance cardiogram (dZ/dt) in relation to the H-I-J complex of the longitudinal ballistocardiogram under gravity and microgravity conditions. International Conference of the IEEE EMBS. ISSN 978-1-4577-0216-7/13/$26.00 ©2013 IEEE. file


  Marciniak, Vincent (2013) Modeling Flows in Low-Pressure Turbine Cascades at Very Low Reynolds Numbers. Volltext nicht online.

  Muhammad, Muhammad and de Cola, Tomaso and Kissling, Christian and Berioli, Matteo (2013) Reliable Aeronautical Services Protocol: motivation, design and performance. Volltext nicht online.

  Muhammad, Muhammad and Erl, Stefan and Berioli, Matteo (2013) Efficient Synchronization of Multiple Databases over Broadcast Networks. file


  Nasri, Mounir and Dittus, Holger (2013) Auslegung eines RangeExtender-Antriebsstrangs mit Hochtemperatur-PEM-Brennstoffzelle. Fachhochschule Düsseldorf. ISBN 973-3-901608-41-4. file


  Pardowitz, Benjamin and Tapken, Ulf and Enghardt, Lars (2013) Spaltgeräusch aufgrund von Rotierenden Instabilitäten in Axialverdichtern. DGLR & X-Noise Workshop. Volltext nicht online.


  Reile, Hubert and Lorenz, Eckehard and Terzibaschian, Thomas (2013) The FireBird Mission – A Scientific Mission for Earth Observation and Hot SpotDetection. Small Satellites for Earth Observation, Digest of the 9th International Symposium of the International Academy of Astronautics. Wissenschaft und Technik Verlag. ISBN 978-3-89685-574-9. file


  Sagardia, Mikel and Hulin, Thomas (2013) Fast and Accurate Distance, Penetration, and Collision Queries Using Point-Sphere Trees and Distance Fields. (In Press) file

  Saruhan, Bilge and Gönüllü, Yakup and Arndt, Benedikt (2013) Pseudocapacitive and hierarchically ordered porous electrode materials for supercapacitors. SPIE. ISBN doi:10.1117/12.2015275.. Volltext nicht online.

  Saruhan, Bilge and Mondragón Rodríguez, Guillermo César and Gönüllü, Yakup (2013) Pseudocapacitive random and aligned nano‐porous electrode materials for supercapacitors. Technical Proceedings of the 2013 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Expo, Volume 2. Volltext nicht online.

  Sato, Hiroatsu and Pecseli, Hans and Trulsen, Pecseli (2013) Error Estimates for In Situ Probe Systems and Wave Detections. ESA Communications. ISBN 978 92 9092 285 8. ISSN 0379-6566. filefile

  Schierle, Diego and Friedrich, Horst E. (2013) Freiformbarer und modularer DLR-Wabentank für die CNG-Anwendung. Aktueller Stand des Validierungsvorhabens. Forschungsinstitut für Kraftfahrwesen und Fahrzeugmotoren Stuttgart FKFS. file

  Schubert, D. and Stellmann, S. and Weiss, A. (2013) Historical Evolution of Space Systems. History Series. American Astronautical Society (ASS). Volltext nicht online.

  Shishkina, Olga and Wagner, Claus and Kath, Christian and Wagner, Sebastian and Weinman, Keith and Feldmann, Daniel (2013) Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) and Large Eddy Simulations (LES) - Theory and Practice - Course Notes. Course Notes, Ordner. Volltext nicht online.

  Stanislas, Michel and Hinsch, Klaus and Westerweel, Jerry and Kähler, Christian and Raffel, Markus and Poelma, Christian and Willert, Christian and Ehrenfried, Klaus and Geisler, Reinhard and Stasicki, Boleslaw and Koop, Lars and Schröder, Andreas and Schanz, Daniel and Roosenboom, Eric and Pallek, Dieter and Voges, Melanie and Schwermer, Till and Entz, Ricardo and Agocs, Janos and Mattner, Hartmut and Otter, Dirk and Kleindienst, Tobias and Micknaus, Ilka and Rosenstock, Catrin (2013) Application of Particle Image Velocimetry -Theory and Practice- Course Notes. Course Notes, Ordner. Volltext nicht online.

  Steffes, Stephen R. and Theil, Stephan and Dumke, Michael and Heise, David and Sagliano, Marco and Samaan, Malak A. and Laan, Erik and Durkut, Murat and Duivenvoorde, Tom and Nijkerk, David and Schulte, Jan and Söderholm, Stefan and Skaborn, Daniel and Berkhout, Joris and Esposito, Marco and Conticello, Simon and Visee, Richard and Monna, Bert and Stelwagen, Frank (2013) SINPLEX: a Small Integrated Navigation System for Planetary Exploration. Volltext nicht frei. file


  Weber, Konradin and Fischer, Christian and Vogel, Andreas and Boehlke, C. and Lau, Hendrik and Eliasson, J. and Palsson, T. (2013) First results of an airborne release of volcanic ash for testing of volcanic ash plume measurement instruments. ISBN 978-960-474-312-4. Volltext nicht online.

  Wieden, Alexander and Linkiewicz, Magda (2013) True- Oblique- Orthomosaik aus Schrägluftbildern zur Extraktion von 3D-Geoinformationen. ISSN 0942-2870. file

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