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  Alonso, Iván and Alpigiani, Cristiano and Altschul, Brett and Araújo, Henrique and Arduini, Gianluigi and Arlt, Jan and Badurina, Leonardo and Balaž, Antun and Bandarupally, Satvika and Barish, Barry C. and Barone, Michele and Barsanti, Michele and Bass, Steven and Bassi, Angelo and Battelier, Baptiste and Baynham, Charles F. A. and Beaufils, Quentin and Belić, Aleksandar and Bergé, Joel and Bernabeu, Jose and Bertoldi, Andrea and Bingham, Robert and Bize, Sébastien and Blas, Diego and Bongs, Kai and Bouyer, Philippe and Braitenberg, Carla and Brand, Christian and Braxmaier, Claus and Bresson, Alexandre and Buchmueller, Oliver and Budker, Dmitry and Bugalho, Luís and Burdin, Sergey and Cacciapuoti, Luigi and Callegari, Simone and Calmet, Xavier and Calonico, Davide and Canuel, Benjamin and Caramete, Laurentiu-Ioan and Carraz, Olivier and Cassettari, Donatella and Chakraborty, Pratik and Chattopadhyay, Swapan and Chauhan, Upasna and Chen, Xuzong and Chen, Yu-Ao and Chiofalo, Maria Luisa and Coleman, Jonathon and Corgier, Robin and Cotter, J. P. and Michael Cruise, A. and Cui, Yanou and Davies, Gavin and De Roeck, Albert and Demarteau, Marcel and Derevianko, Andrei and Di Clemente, Marco and Djordjevic, Goran S. and Donadi, Sandro and Doré, Olivier and Dornan, Peter and Doser, Michael and Drougakis, Giannis and Dunningham, Jacob and Easo, Sajan and Eby, Joshua and Elertas, Gedminas and Ellis, John and Evans, David and Examilioti, Pandora and Fadeev, Pavel and Fanì, Mattia and Fassi, Farida and Fattori, Marco and Fedderke, Michael A. and Felea, Daniel and Feng, Chen-Hao and Ferreras, Jorge and Flack, Robert and Flambaum, Victor V. and Forsberg, René and Fromhold, Mark and Gaaloul, Naceur and Garraway, Barry M. and Georgousi, Maria and Geraci, Andrew and Gibble, Kurt and Gibson, Valerie and Gill, Patrick and Giudice, Gian F. and Goldwin, Jon and Gould, Oliver and Grachov, Oleg and Graham, Peter W. and Grasso, Dario and Griffin, Paul F. and Guerlin, Christine and Gündoğan, Mustafa and Gupta, Ratnesh K. and Haehnelt, Martin and Hanımeli, Ekim T. and Hawkins, Leonie and Hees, Aurélien and Henderson, Victoria A. and Herr, Waldemar and Herrmann, Sven and Hird, Thomas and Hobson, Richard and Hock, Vincent and Hogan, Jason M. and Holst, Bodil and Holynski, Michael and Israelsson, Ulf and Jeglič, Peter and Jetzer, Philippe and Juzeliūnas, Gediminas and Kaltenbaek, Rainer and Kamenik, Jernej F. and Kehagias, Alex and Kirova, Teodora and Kiss-Toth, Marton and Koke, Sebastian and Kolkowitz, Shimon and Kornakov, Georgy and Kovachy, Tim and Krutzik, Markus and Kumar, Mukesh and Kumar, Pradeep and Lämmerzahl, Claus and Landsberg, Greg and Le Poncin-Lafitte, Christophe and Leibrandt, David R. and Lévèque, Thomas and Lewicki, Marek and Li, Rui and Lipniacka, Anna and Lisdat, Christian and Liu, Mia and Lopez-Gonzalez, J. L. and Loriani, Sina and Louko, Jorma and Luciano, Giuseppe Gaetano and Lundblad, Nathan and Maddox, Steve and Mahmoud, M. A. and Maleknejad, Azadeh and March-Russell, John and Massonnet, Didier and McCabe, Christopher and Meister, Matthias and Mežnaršič, Tadej and Micalizio, Salvatore and Migliaccio, Federica and Millington, Peter and Milosevic, Milan and Mitchell, Jeremiah and Morley, Gavin W. and Müller, Jürgen and Murphy, Eamonn and Müstecaplıoğlu, Özgür E. and O’Shea, Val and Oi, Daniel K. L. and Olson, Judith and Pal, Debapriya and Papazoglou, Dimitris G. and Pasatembou, Elizabeth and Paternostro, Mauro and Pawlowski, Krzysztof and Pelucchi, Emanuele and Pereira dos Santos, Franck and Peters, Achim and Pikovski, Igor and Pilaftsis, Apostolos and Pinto, Alexandra and Prevedelli, Marco and Puthiya-Veettil, Vishnupriya and Quenby, John and Rafelski, Johann and Rasel, Ernst M. and Ravensbergen, Cornelis and Reguzzoni, Mirko and Richaud, Andrea and Riou, Isabelle and Rothacher, Markus and Roura, Albert and Ruschhaupt, Andreas and Sabulsky, Dylan O. and Safronova, Marianna and Saltas, Ippocratis D. and Salvi, Leonardo and Sameed, Muhammed and Saurabh, Pandey and Schäffer, Stefan and Schiller, Stephan and Schilling, Manuel and Schkolnik, Vladimir and Schlippert, Dennis and Schmidt, Piet O. and Schnatz, Harald and Schneider, Jean and Schneider, Ulrich and Schreck, Florian and Schubert, Christian and Shayeghi, Armin and Sherrill, Nathaniel and Shipsey, Ian and Signorini, Carla and Singh, Rajeev and Singh, Yeshpal and Skordis, Constantinos and Smerzi, Augusto and Sopuerta, Carlos F. and Sorrentino, Fiodor and Sphicas, Paraskevas and Stadnik, Yevgeny V. and Stefanescu, Petruta and Tarallo, Marco G. and Tentindo, Silvia and Tino, Guglielmo M. and Tinsley, Jonathan N. and Tornatore, Vincenza and Treutlein, Philipp and Trombettoni, Andrea and Tsai, Yu-Dai and Tuckey, Philip and Uchida, Melissa A. and Valenzuela, Tristan and Van Den Bossche, Mathias and Vaskonen, Ville and Verma, Gunjan and Vetrano, Flavio and Vogt, Christian and von Klitzing, Wolf and Waller, Pierre and Walser, Reinhold and Wille, Eric and Williams, Jason and Windpassinger, Patrick and Wittrock, Ulrich and Wolf, Peter and Woltmann, Marian and Wörner, Lisa and Xuereb, André and Yahia, Mohamed and Yazgan, Efe and Yu, Nan and Zahzam, Nassim and Zambrini Cruzeiro, Emmanuel and Zhan, Mingsheng and Zou, Xinhao and Zupan, Jure and Zupanič, Erik (2022) Cold atoms in space: community workshop summary and proposed road-map. EPJ Quantum Technology, 9 (1), p. 30. Springer. doi: 10.1140/epjqt/s40507-022-00147-w. ISSN 2196-0763. file

  Battelier, B. and Bergé, Joel and Bertoldi, Andrea and Blanchet, Luc and Bongs, Kai and Bouyer, Philippe and Braxmaier, Claus and Calonico, Davide and Fayet, Pierre and Gaaloul, Naceur and Guerlin, Christine and Hees, Aurélien and Jetzer, P. and Lämmerzahl, Claus and Lecomte, Steve and Le Poncin-Lafitte, C. and Loriani, Sina and Métris, Gilles and Nofrarias, Miquel and Rasel, Ernst Maria and Reynaud, S. and Rodrigues, Manuel and Rothacher, Markus and Roura, Albert and Salomon, Christophe and Schiller, Stephan and Schleich, Wolfgang P. and Schubert, Christian and Sopuerta, C. F. and Sorrentino, Fiodor and Sumner, Timothy and Tino, Guglielmo M and Tuckey, Philip and von Klitzing, Wolf and Wörner, Lisa and Wolf, Peter and Zelan, Martin (2021) Exploring the Foundations of the Physical Universe with Space Tests of the Equivalence Principle. Experimental Astronomy, 51, pp. 1695-1736. Springer. doi: 10.1007/s10686-021-09718-8. ISSN 0922-6435. file

  Canuel, Benjamin and Abend, Sven and Amaro-Seoane, Pau and Badaracco, Francesca and Beaufils, Quentin and Bertoldi, Andrea and Bongs, Kai and Bouyer, Philippe and Braxmaier, Claus and Chaibi, Walid and Christensen, Nelson and Fitzek, Florian and Flouris, Giorgos and Gaaloul, Naceur and Gaffet, Stephane and Garrido Alzar, Carlos L. and Geiger, Remi and Guellati-Khelifa, Saida and Hammerer, Klemens and Harms, Jan and Hinderer, Jacques and Holynski, Michael and Junca, Joseph and Katsanevas, Stavros and Klempt, Carsten and Kozanitis, Christos and Krutzik, Markus and Landragin, Arnaud and Làzaro Roche, Ignacio and Leykauf, Bastian and Lien, Yu-Hung and Loriani, Sina and Merlet, Sebastien and Merzougui, Mourad and Nofrarias, Miquel and Papadakos, Panagiotis and Pereira dos Santos, Franck and Peters, Achim and Plexousakis, Dimitris and Prevedelli, Marco and Rasel, Ernst Maria and Rogister, Yves and Rosat, Severine and Roura, Albert and Sabulsky, Dylan and Schkolnik, Vladimir and Schlippert, Dennis and Schubert, Christian and Sidorenkov, Leonid and Siemss, Jan-Niclas and Sopuerta, Carlos and Sorrentino, Fiodor and Struckmann, Christian and Tino, Guglielmo M and Tsagkatakis, Greg and Viceré, Andrea and von Klitzing, Wolf and Wörner, Lisa and Zou, Xinhao (2020) ELGAR - a European Laboratory for Gravitation and Atom-interferometric Research. Classical and Quantum Gravity, 37 (22), p. 225017. Institute of Physics (IOP) Publishing. doi: 10.1088/1361-6382/aba80e. ISSN 0264-9381. file

  Frye, Kai and Abend, Sven and Bartosch, Wolfgang and Bawamia, Ahmad and Becker, Dennis and Blume, Holger and Braxmaier, Claus and Chiow, Sheng-Wey and Efremov, Maxim A. and Ertmer, Wolfgang and Fierlinger, Peter and Gaaloul, Naceur and Grosse, Jens and Grzeschik, Christoph and Hellmig, Ortwin and Henderson, Victoria A. and Herr, Waldemar and Israelsson, Ulf and Kohel, James and Krutzik, Markus and Kürbis, Christian and Lämmerzahl, Claus and List, Meike and Lüdtke, Daniel and Lundblad, Nathan and Marburger, J. Pierre and Meister, Matthias and Mihm, Moritz and Müller, Holger and Müntinga, Hauke and Oberschulte, Tim and Papakonstantinou, Alexandros and Perovšek, Jaka and Peters, Achim and Prat i Sala, Arnau and Rasel, Ernst Maria and Roura, Albert and Schleich, Wolfgang and Schubert, Christian and Seidel, Stephan T. and Sommer, Jan and Spindeldreier, Christian and Stamper-Kurn, Dan and Stuhl, Benjamin K. and Warner, Marvin and Wendrich, Thijs and Wenzlawski, Andre and Wicht, Andreas and Windpassinger, Patrick and Yu, Nan and Wörner, Lisa (2021) The Bose-Einstein Condensate and Cold Atom Laboratory. EPJ Quantum Technology, 8, p. 1. Springer. doi: 10.1140/epjqt/s40507-020-00090-8. ISSN 2196-0763. file

  Kaltenbaek, Rainer and Arndt, Markus and Aspelmeyer, Markus and Barker, Peter F and Bassi, Angelo and Bateman, James and Belenchia, Alessio and Bergé, Joel and Braxmaier, Claus and Bose, Sougato and Christophe, Bruno and Cole, Garrett D and Curceanu, Catalina and Datta, Animesh and Debiossac, Maxime and Delić, Uroš and Diósi, Lajos and Geraci, Andrew A and Gerlich, Stefan and Guerlin, Christine and Hechenblaikner, Gerald and Heidmann, Antoine and Herrmann, Sven and Hornberger, Klaus and Johann, Ulrich and Kiesel, Nikolai and Lämmerzahl, Claus and LeBrun, Thomas W and Milburn, Gerard J and Millen, James and Mohageg, Makan and Moore, David C and Morley, Gavin W and Nimmrichter, Stefan and Novotny, Lukas and Oi, Daniel K L and Paternostro, Mauro and Riedel, C Jess and Rodrigues, Manuel and Rondin, Loïc and Roura, Albert and Schleich, Wolfgang P and Schuldt, Thilo and Stickler, Benjamin A and Ulbricht, Hendrik and Vogt, Christian and Wörner, Lisa (2023) Research campaign: Macroscopic quantum resonators (MAQRO). Quantum Science and Technology, 8 (1), 014006. Institute of Physics (IOP) Publishing. doi: 10.1088/2058-9565/aca3cd. ISSN 2058-9565. file

  Mazzarella, Luca and Mohageg, Makan and Strekalov, Dmitry V. and Zhai, Aileen J. and Israelsson, Ulf E. and Matsko, Andrey and Yu, Nan and Anastopoulos, Charis and Carpenter, Bradley and Gallicchio, Jason R. and Hu, Bei-Lok and Jennewein, Thomas and Kwiat, Paul and Lin, Shih-Yuin and Ling, Alexander and Marquardt, Christoph and Meister, Matthias and Moffat, Brian S. and Newell, Raymond T. and Roura, Albert and Schubert, Christian and Vallone, Giuseppe and Villoresi, Paolo and Woerner, Lisa and Deacon, Keith S. and Meyers, Ronald E. (2021) Goals and feasibility of the deep space quantum link. In: Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 11835, 118350J. SPIE Optical Engineering + Applications: Quantum Communications and Quantum Imaging XIX, 2021-08-01 - 2021-08-05, San Diego, California, USA. doi: 10.1117/12.2593986. ISSN 0277-786X. Volltext nicht frei. file

  Mol, Jan-Michael and Esguerra, Luisa and Meister, Matthias and Wörner, Lisa and Wolters, Janik (2021) Quantum Memories for Fundamental Physics in Space. National Academies of Sciences Engeneering Medicine. [Other] (Submitted) file

  Mousis, O. and Bouquet, A and Langevin, Y. and Andre, N. and Boithias, H and Durry, G. and Faye, F. and Hartogh, Paul and Helbert, Jörn and Iess, L. and Kempf, S. and Masters, A. and Postberg, F. and Renard, J.-B. and Vernazza, P. and Vorburger, A. and Wurz, P and Atkinson, D. H. and Barabash, S. and Berthomier, M and Brucato, J. and Cable, Morgan and Carter, John and Cazaux, S and Coustenis, A and Danger, G and Dehant, V and Fornaro, T and Garnier, P. and Gautier, Thomas and Groussin, O and Hadid, L. Z. and Ize, J and Kolmasová, I. and Lebreton, J.-P. and Le Maistre, Sébastien and Lellouch, E. and Lunine, J. and Mandt, Kathleen E. and Martins, Z. and Mimoun, D. and Nénon, Quentin and Munoz Caro, Guillermo M. and Rannou, P. and Rauer, Heike and Schmitt-Kopplin, P. and Schneeberger, A and Simons, M and Stephan, Katrin and Van Hoolst, T. and Vaverka, Jakub and Wieser, M. and Wörner, Lisa (2022) Moonraker — Enceladus Multiple Flyby Mission. The Planetary Science Journal, 3 (12), p. 326. Institute of Physics (IOP) Publishing. doi: 10.3847/PSJ/ac9c03. ISSN 2632-3338. file

  Raudonis, Matthias and Roura, Albert and Meister, Matthias and Lotz, Christoph and Overmeyer, Ludger and Herrmann, Sven and Gierse, Andreas and Lämmerzahl, Claus and Bigelow, Nicholas P and Lachmann, Maike and Piest, Baptist and Gaaloul, Naceur and Rasel, Ernst M and Schubert, Christian and Herr, Waldemar and Deppner, Christian and Ahlers, Holger and Ertmer, Wolfgang and R Williams, Jason and Lundblad, Nathan and Wörner, Lisa (2023) Microgravity facilities for cold atom experiments. Quantum Science and Technology, 8 (4), 044001. Institute of Physics (IOP) Publishing. doi: 10.1088/2058-9565/ace1a3. ISSN 2058-9565. file

  Warner, Marvin and Elsen, Michael and Wörner, Lisa and Braxmaier, Claus and Grosse, Jens (2022) Outgassing rate testbed for in-operation analysis of powered and heated assemblies. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, 40 (4), 044203. American Institute of Physics (AIP). doi: 10.1116/6.0001898. ISSN 2166-2746. file

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