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  Canalias, E. and Jurado, E. and Ziach, C. and Findlay, Ross and Biele, Jens and Ulamec, Stephan (2014) MASCOT on board of Hayabusa-2: in the quest for the origins of the Solar System. 24th Intern. Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics (ISSFD), 05.-09. Mai 2014, Laurel Maryland, USA. Volltext nicht online.


  Dachwald, Bernd and Boehnhardt, Hermann and Broj, Ulrich and Johnson, Les and Kührt, Ekkehard and Mottola, Stefano and Macdonald, Malcolm and McInnes, Colin and Vasile, Massimiliano and Reinhard, Rüdeger (2014) Gossamer Roadmap Technology Reference Study for a Multiple NEO Rendezvous Mission. In: Advances in Solar Sailing, pp. 211-226. Springer. Third International Symposium on Solar Sailing, 11.-13. Jun. 2013, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-34907-2_1 5 ISBN 978-3642349065 Volltext nicht online.

  Delovski, Toni and Werner, Klaus and Rawlik, Tomasz and Behrens, Jörg and Bredemeyer, Jochen and Wendel, Ralf (2014) ADS-B over Satellite The world’s first ADS-B receiver in Space. Small Satellites Systems and Services Symposium, 26.-30. Mai 2014, Porto Petro, Majorca, Spain. file

  Dembovskis, Andis (2012) Testbed for Performance Evaluation of SAT-AIS Receivers. In: IEEE Conference Publications. ASMS/SPSC 2012, 5.-7. Sept. 2012, Baiona, Spanien. file

  Dembovskis, Andis and Robben, Lars (2014) Report on Investigations to Examine LENR with CGDE. DLR-Forschungsbericht. file


  Findlay, Ross and Eßmann, Olaf and Grundmann, Jan Thimo and Hoffmann, Harald and Kührt, Ekkehard and Messina, Gabriele and Michaelis, H. and Mottola, S. and Müller, H. and Pedersen, Jakob Fromm (2012) A space-based mission to characterize the IEO population. Acta Astronautica, 90 (1), pp. 33-40. Elsevier. DOI: 10.1016/j.actaastro.2012.08.004 ISSN 0094-5765 file


  Grundmann, J. T. and Biele, J. and Findlay, R. and Fredon, S. and Ho, T.-M. and Krause, Chr. and Ulamec, S. and Ziach, C. (2014) One Shot to an Asteroid - MASCOT and the Design of an Exclusively Primary Battery Powered Small Spacecraft in Hardware Design Examples and Operations Considerations. 10th European Space Power Conference, 13.-14. April 2014, Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands. Volltext nicht online.

  Grundmann, Jan Thimo and Auster, U. and Baturkin, Volodymyr and Bellion, Anthony and Bibring, Jean-Pierre and Biele, Jens and Boden, Ralf and Bompis, Olivier and Borgs, Belinda and Bousquet, Pierre and Canalias, Elisabet and Celotti, Luca and Cenac-Morthe, Céline and Cordero, Federico and Deleuze, Muriel and Evesque, Corinne and Findlay, Ross and Fredon, Stéphane and Glaßmeier, K.H. (4) and Granena, David and Grimm, Christian and Grott, Matthias and Hamm, Vincent and Hendrikse, Jeffrey and Hercik, David and Ho, Tra-Mi and Jaumann, Ralf and Krause, Christian and Kroth, Ronald and Ksenik, Eugen and Lange, Caroline and Lange, Michael and Mierheim, Olaf and Okada, Tatsuaki and Reill, Josef and Sasaki, Kaname and Schmitz, Nicole and Sedlmayr, Hans-Jürgen and Talapina, Maria and Tangruamsub, Sirinart and Termtanasombat, Nawarat and Ulamec, Stephan and Wejmo, Elisabet and Wrasmann, Michael and Yoshimitsu, T. and Ziach, Christian and the MASCOT team, the MASCOT team (2015) Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout (MASCOT) - Design, Development and Delivery of a Small Asteroid Lander Aboard Hayabusa2. In: IAA proceedings on-line - http://pdc.iaaweb.org/?q=ipc. IAA. 4th IAA Planetary Defense Conference – PDC 2015, 13.-17. April 2015, Frascati, Rom, Italien. filefile

  Grundmann, Jan Thimo and Bauer, Waldemar and Biele, Jens and Cordero, Federico and Dachwald, Bernd and Koncz, Alexander and Krause, Christian and Mikschl, Tobias and Montenegro, Sergio and Quantius, Dominik and Ruffer, Michael and Sasaki, Kaname and Schmitz, Nicole and Seefeldt, Patric and Toth, Norbert and Wejmo, Elisabet and Koch, Aaron and Seboldt, W. and Sznajder, Maciej (2015) From Sail to Soil - Getting Sailcraft out of the Harbour on a Visit to One of Earth's Nearest Neighbours. In: IAA PDC2015 proceedings online - http://pdc.iaaweb.org/?q=ipc. IAA on-line. 4th IAA Planetary Defense Conference – PDC 2015, 13.-17. Apr. 2015, Frascati, Rom, Italien. filefilefile

  Grundmann, Jan Thimo and Dachwald, Bernd and Grimm, Christian and Kahle, Ralph and Koch, Aaron and Krause, Christian and Lange, Caroline and Quantius, Dominik and Ulamec, Stephan (2015) Spacecraft for Hypervelocity Impact Research – An Overview of Capabilities, Constraints and the Challenges of Getting There. In: The 13th Hypervelocity Impact Symposium proceedings (Procedia Engineering), 103, pp. 151-158. Elsevier. The 13th Hypervelocity Impact Symposium, 26.-30. Apr. 2015, Boulder, Colorado, USA. DOI: 10.1016/j.proeng.2015.04.021 ISSN 1877-7058 filefile

  Grundmann, Jan Thimo and Lange, Caroline and Dachwald, Bernd and Grimm, Christian and Koch, Aaron and Ulamec, Stephan (2015) Small Spacecraft in Planetary Defence Related Applications – Capabilities, Constraints, Challenges. In: nicht gedruckt. IEEE. 2015 IEEE Aerospace Conference, 7.-13. Mar. 2015, Big Sky, Montana, USA. file

  Grundmann, Jan Thimo and Mottola, Stefano and Drentschew, Maximilian and Drobczyk, Martin and Kahle, Ralph and Maiwald, Volker and Quantius, Dominik and Zabel, Paul and Zoest, Tim van (2013) Probes to the inferior planets—A new dawn for NEO and IEO detection technology demonstration from heliocentric Orbits interior to the earth’s? Acta Astronautica, 90 (1), pp. 129-145. Elsevier. DOI: 10.1016/j.actaastro.2012.10.011 ISSN 0094-5765 file


  Hagel, PHilipp and Suhr, Birgit (2015) Technologieerprobung zur qualitativen Untersuchung von AIS Signalen. Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress 2015, 22.-24. Sep. 2015, Rostock, Deutschland. Volltext nicht frei. file

  Hagel, Philipp and Walker, Paul and Eickhoff, Jens (2016) Payload Control Subsystem. In: The FLP Microsatellite Platform : Flight Operations Manual Springer Aerospace Technology. Springer. pp. 271-282. ISBN 978-3-319-23502-8. Volltext nicht online.

  Hauslage, Jens and Lebert, Michael and Müller, Hartmut (2014) Eu:CROPIS – Euglena and Combined Regenerative Organic-food Production in Space. Life in Space for Life on Earth (Joint Life Sciences Meeting of ISGP, ESA and CSA), 16 -19 June 2014, Waterloo, Canada. Volltext nicht online.

  Ho, T.-M. and Findlay, R. and Ziach, C. and Krause, C. and Lange, M. and Reill, J. and Deleuze, M. and Ulamec, S. and Biele, J. and Jaumann, R. and Bibring, J.P. and Glassmeier, K.H. and Grott, M. and Kuninaka, H. and Yoshikawa, M. and Okada, T. and Yoshimitsu, T. and and the, MASCOT Team (2014) MASCOT (Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout) - Developing a landing platform with four instruments for the Hayabusa-2 Mission. 45th Lunar Planetary Conference, 17. - 21. März 2014, Houston, TX. Volltext nicht online.

  Ho, T.-M. and Lange, C. and Ziach, Ch. and Baturkin, V. and Grimm, Ch. and Grundmann, J. T. and Auster, H-U. and Bibring, J.P. and Biele, J. and Borgs, B. and Deleuze, M. and Grott, M. and Jaumann, R. and Lange, M. and Lichtenheldt, R. and Mierheim, O. and Reill, J. (2015) The Development and first Cruise Activity of the MASCOT Lander onboard the Hayabuse 2 mission. 11th Low Cost Planetary Missions Conference, 9.-11. Juni 2015, Berlin, Germany. file


  Jetzschmann, Michael (2013) Entwurf des Kommunikationssystems für den Gossamer-1 Satelliten. Diploma, Technische Universität Berlin. Volltext nicht frei. file


  Lange, Alexander-Thomas (2012) Entwurf und Implementierung von Softwarekomponenten für ein multi-missionsfähiges, verteiltes Bodensegment zur Datenvermittlung zwischen Boden- und Raumsegment und zur Kontrolle und Überwachung des Raumsegmentes. Bachelor's, Universität Bremen. Volltext nicht frei. file

  Lange, Alexander-Thomas (2015) Konzeptentwurf einer ereignisbasierten Steuerung für Raumfahrzeuge. Master's, Universität Bremen. Volltext nicht online.


  Maiwald, Volker and Bassam, Muhammad and Skoczylas, Thomas and Baturkin, Volodymyr and Sasaki, Kaname and Grundmann, Jan Thimo and Beyer, Alexander and Wejmo, Elisabet and Braukhane, Andy and Hobbie, Catherin Fiona and Sagliano, Marco and Benninghoff, Heike and Vrakking, Vincent and Lieder, Matthias and Gnat, Marcin and Sellmaier, Florian and Faller, Ralf and Boge, Toralf and Grunwald, Gerhard and Ziach, Christian and Martelo, Antonio (2015) Feasibility-Study OOS-RAV. DLR-Interner Bericht. DLR-IB-RY-HB-2015-3. Volltext nicht online.


  Rühenbeck, Tim (2014) Automatische Analyse und Verifikation von AIS-Daten. Bachelor's, Universität Bremen. Volltext nicht online.


  Strenge, Joachim (2012) Development of the Mission Operations Plan of the Nanosatellite ’AISat’ (CLAVIS-1). Bachelor's, University of Applied Sciences, Bremen. Volltext nicht frei. file


  Werner, Klaus and Bredemeyer, Jochen and Delovski, Toni (2014) ADS-B over Satellite Global Air Traffic Surveillance from Space. In: Proceedings of the Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communications - Enhanced Survellance of Aircraft and Vehicles, pp. 55-60. University of Rome Tor Vergata. Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communication - Enhanced Surveillance of Aircraft and Vehicles, 15. - 16. Sep. 2014, Italien. ISBN 978-88-903482-4-2 file

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